Our Values


Banner Text We believe in a committed service to our clients

Banner Text We will never build a “follow-up trap” into our work: a completed assignment will never include loose ends which require further work by the consultant to be of use to the client   

Banner Text  We deliver on time, every time    

Banner Text  We will never over-extend our consulting time, resulting in inadequate attention to any client    

Banner Text  We believe in a long-term relationship with clients.  This means that we never have to charge time for getting to know the client organization in follow-up assignments   

Banner Text  In any assignment, we remain objective and will not favour any particular viewpoint or approach, favouring an inclusive and participative process    

Banner Text We do not believe in pre-packaged solutions and off-the-shelf systems, since these generic approaches seldom meet all the needs of a particular client.  We would rather design an approach to a particular problem focused on the specific circumstances of each client.  For a similar reason, we are skeptical of management fads and fashions and would never support an approach which does not fit the specific needs of a client




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